Mawra Hocane Should Start Acting Like a Celebrity than a Die-Heart Fan

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Famous Pakistani TV Actress Mawra hocane has been posting pictures and posts on social media lately, confessing that she is a crazy fan of Ranbir Kapoor. The actress has a lot of fan following and reputation of her own in Pakistan but when it comes to Bollywood stars and actors, Pakistani Actors forget their own worth and the status which their fans gave them and start acting like cheap Bollywood die heart fans. Mawra was already making her way to the top rated actresses of Pakistan and would be eventually getting offers from Bollywood, but her behavior of eagerly posting for Ranbir Kapoor has offended many of Pakistani people. She herself is a celebrity and should act like one too. This craze of going and working in the Bollywood industry is nothing new for Pakistani starts but this young girl is just not handling the things well, like she really should. The star was admired by many but now has caused a social media attack of mean posts against her. This is really high time for her to handle fame in a proper way. She should not let her self to such a low leve !!!
Mawra Hocane Should Start Acting Like a Celebrity than a Die-Heart Fan
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