Important Early Warning Signs of Diabetes You Should Now Ignore

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Type 2 Diabetes is giving an effect to the huge amount of population every year all over the world. People who are suffering from the Type 2 Diabetes lose the ability to use the glucose in the blood and prolonged uncontrolled sugar levels that can further damage the kidneys and nerves. It is important to know about the early signs to avoid the arrival of diabetes within you:

Important Early Warning Signs of Diabetes You Should Now Ignore

More Frequent Urination:
This is one of the most common sign of Type 2 Diabetes. As the sugar levels in the blood are too high, then the kidneys cannot keep up with the range of the amount of glucose and try to remove the excessive sugar from the blood which leads to an individual to urinate more often. It is to be mentioned that the average individual urinates 5-7 times in a day.

Increased Thirst:
If you are feeling thirst all the time then it can be a glaring symptom of Type 2 Diabetes. In such condition, you would definitely be feeling much thirsty even when you just drank water. Hence the drinking of more water leads to more urination and feeds to the urination cycle.

Feeling Hungry Always:
Normally the body of people with Type 2 Diabetes cannot use away the insulin properly to help the glucose get into the cells. This is for the main reason that they cannot get adequate energy from the food that they consume which results in feeling hungry constantly. The course of excessive hunger which is also called as Polyphagia, is one of the most prominent signs of Type 2 Diabetes.

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