4 Important Tips for Parents of Teens Who Have Invisalign Braces

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4 Important Tips for Parents of Teens Who Have Invisalign Braces, As a parent, it’s normal to be concerned about the health and well-being of your child. Part of that care means making sure even teenagers get in to see the dentist on a regular basis. If your teenage child is referred to an orthodontist due to crooked teeth or other cosmetic issues, it may be time to consider teen Invisalign. Not only with these braces allow you to correct your child’s dental issues, it can give them more confidence. Unlike traditional braces, these Invisalign braces are nearly undetectable. If your child is self-conscious about getting braces, they will love these clear braces. As you consider this option, consider the following:

4 Important Tips for Parents of Teens Who Have Invisalign Braces

Use the Acceledent Option If Available
Even though the process will take time, there are methods for speeding the treatment up slightly. In some cases, your orthodontist may offer Acceledent. This device vibrates gently and is used for approximately 20 minutes per day. It is designed to stimulate the cells in your bones to speed up the straightening process. Using this device as directed is a great way to get the results you are after without waiting as long to achieve them. Neglecting to go in for a few consultations with area orthodontists will make it very difficult to get the right one chosen in a hurry. The information that you get from these consultations will make it much easier to find the right orthodontist.

Get Them an on the Go Bag
Another important thing you need to do for your teen with Invisalign braces is get them an on the go bag. This bag should be filled with things like toothpaste and a travel toothbrush. This will make it easy for your San Antonio teen to keep their mouthwear clean and working correctly. Talk to your teen about what the importance of keeping this bag with them and involve them in the process of choosing and putting the bag together. In order for teens with Invisalign braces to see the best results from their treatment, it’s essential to take care of their teeth properly throughout the process. Understanding how to help your teen achieve the desired results as quickly as possible without the negative effects metal braces have.

Be Sure to Go In For Two Week Visits
With traditional braces, patients had to go in of a weekly basis. This can be quite frustrating, especially if your child participates in sports or other afterschool activities. With the Invisalign system, your teen will only have to go in every two weeks. These visits will usually consist of the orthodontist checking the Invisalign trays to ensure they are working as intended. There may be times when your teen has to go in for more frequent visits especially if they are experiencing problems. The orthodontist handling these treatments will be able to let you know how often they need to see your child. The work that you put into getting to these appointments on time will be worth it considering the results theses braces can provide.

Be Mindful When Eating
One of the most important things you need to make sure of when supervising your teen with their new Invisalign braces is that they take the trays out when eating. The last thing you want to do is have them damage these trays due to the high cost to replace them. Most orthodontists recommend that the only time a teen should take these trays out is when they are eating. Having these trays in your mount for up to 22 hours a day is the best way to get fast results.

With the help of the right orthodontist, you will be able to get your child’s dental issues solved in no time.

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