Muhammad Amir Should Avoid Social Media

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Given the limited IQ of Pakistan fast bowler Muhammad Amir, I earnestly want to suggest and advise him to stay away from the social media. I recently saw him creating and posting on his social media accounts and I am dreading already. It’s his right of course, but I just want that Pakistan don’t loose the only fast bowler in years yet again. Pakistan needs a fast bowler and if Amir comes into the team, Pakistani bowling attack would get a new life and we will be considered a serious contender. Otherwise, the current bowling attack is medium paced and nothing poignant.
Muhammad Amir Should Avoid Social Media
But we all know that Muhammad Amir’s brain is not that active. He might be a great bowler but when it comes to common sense, he lacks much. For example, after suffering through a long ban and an uphill battle with the PCB, ICC and other sporting bodies he at last got his space in team back. But as soon as he got the lime light he started flipping his lid and had some fighting in domestic matches. He was warned by the PCB to behave. I am afraid that given his track record, he might say or post something untoward regarding himself, team, game or anything else which could create another scandal for him and everybody knows that he cannot afford another scandal. Lots of people have lost their careers due to inappropriate postings at social media. Amir should focus on bowling alone and should remain quiet and reserved otherwise. One can only hope that he behaves this time as there be no other chance.
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