Now modern girls prefer video games over dolls: Study

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If you are thinking to purchase doll as gift for any of your loved one, then don’t waste your money on purchase expensive dolls because a study has revealed that modern girls prefer video games.

A research, carried out by energy firm E.ON says computer games have replaced dolls as the top toy for girls for the first time in half a century.

A study of children’s wishlists also reveals boys have turned their backs on construction toys in favour of modern gadgets and consoles, such as iPods, Playstations and the Xbox.

This has been at the expense of Lego, Meccanno, Barbie and Cabbage Patch Dolls – the mainstay of British childhood from the 1950s to late 1990s.

Child’s play campaigner Adrian Voce OBE, a former director of Play England, said it was unlikely dolls would ever die out completely.

‘Dolls may no longer be the top toy for girls but I don’t see them dying out anytime soon,’ Daily Mail quoted him as saying.

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