Foods For Having Smooth And Flawless Skin

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To keep your skin fresh, smooth and long lasting, it is very important that you pay close attention to what you eat. Regardless how many beauty treatments you do your skin won’t look fresh especially when you are eating all the wrong things. Excess of junk food and fuzzy drinks can cause real damage to your skin.trans skin care heath and beauty tips Sleepless nights are another reason for quickly aging skins. In today’s health and beauty article we will tell you about the Foods For Having Smooth And Flawless Skin 
Foods For Having Smooth And Flawless Skin
In case you are dieting it is very important that you eat healthy food. Following are some Foods For Having Smooth And Flawless Skin.
Foods For Having Smooth And Flawless Skin
The first food among Foods For Having Smooth And Flawless Skin  is almonds. And i am sure most of us are aware of its benefits. Almonds help in increasing the retaining power of your brain. They are also very good where your skin is concerned as they have Vitamin E in abundance which is very good for your skin. Vitamin E also works as a skin block for you skin.Vitamin E also acts as an antioxidant which helps in protecting your skin cell from the UV light and other environmental factors which damage your skin cells.
Then we have carrots among Foods For Having Smooth And Flawless Skin . Carrots are very important for your skin. They add the freshness factor to your skin. Carrots are like the orange wonder wands. They are really good for eyeballs, also they can be very useful with acne problem. They are considered to be very good with breakouts. They have vitamin A in them, which help in preventing the overproduction of cells in the skin’s outer layer. These overproduced cells are the reason behind breakouts, these overproduced cell combine with sebum and result in clog pores, which latter results in acne.
Dark Chocolate
Now if you are a chocolate fan, you are in for a good news. The dark chocolate has antioxidants which help in reducing the roughness of your skin and also helps in protecting your skin against the sun damage. Researches says, that women who drink black coffee have better skin then other women, their skin has stronger resistance to UV rays than to women who didn’t drink dark chocolate. All you need an ounce a day of the dark chocolate.
Green Tea
Then among Foods For Having Smooth And Flawless Skin we have green tea. Green tea is not only good for your skin but it also helps in reducing weight. Green tea and antioxidants which help is fighting cancer. Studies show that drinking two to six cups of green tea daily will not only help you in reducing weight, and help prevent cancer but it also many reverse the effect of sun damage by neutralizing the changes that appear in sun exposed skin.
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