South & Upper Sindh Provinces

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A large majority of Pakistani expats seems to be in favour of the creation of more provinces and supports the resolution tabled in the National Assembly of previous government in this regard. More provinces are essential for the stability and prosperity of the country and will help solve many administrative problems. Almost all members of the National Assembly and the provisional assemblies from rural areas live in the large cities of their province. They are not available in their regions when the people need them. We saw this happening in the areas badly affected by 2011 year’s floods.
South & Upper Sindh Provinces
If we have small provinces, it will force people to stay in their constituencies and it will be easier for the common man to reach their representatives. Many countries which are smaller in size than ours have more provinces. Japan, for example, has 47 provinces, Malaysia 16 provinces and South Korea 9 provinces. Many countries in Europe are smaller in size than our provinces but their economies, education and living standards are far better than us. The population of Karachi alone is +20 Millons, twice that of the Baluchistan. But unfortunately the present Sindh government represents only the rural areas and does not have any representation in the urban areas of the province.
In Aug 1973, Mr. Z.A.Bhutto & his cronies, constitutionally divided Sindh into two i.e. Sindh (Urban) & Sindh (Rural). So In-fact Sindh Constitutionally stands divided into two parts since Aug’ 1973. Mr.Saleem Safi of Daily Jang and Miss Emma Duncan of Economist (in her Book: A Political Journey Through Pakistan) have raised very valid & thought provoking Questions. Miss E.Duncan’s Book, Mr. Salim Safi’s Questions, Ex Mayor Mustafa Kamal Exemplary Services and above all Mr. Bhutto’s Practical & Constitutional division of Sindh (1973) into Urban & Rural calls for making another province out of South Sindh. It will be SANE to make two administrative parts out of sindh viz: South & Upper Sindh amicably and without any bad-blood between the brothers for the ultimate Good.
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