Crazy Patients

A doctor of psychology was doing his normal morning rounds when he entered a patient’s room.

He found Patient #1 sitting on the floor, pretending to saw a piece of wood in half.

Patient #2 was hanging from the ceiling, by his feet.

The doctor asked patient number 1 what he was doing.

The patient replied, “Can’t you see I’m sawing this piece of wood in half?”

The doctor inquired of Patient #1 what Patient #2 was doing.

Patient #1 replied, “Oh. He’s my friend, but he’s a little crazy. He thinks he’s a lightbulb.”

The doctor looks up and notices Patient #2’s face is going all red.

The doctor asks Patient #1, “If he’s your friend, you should get him down from there before he hurts himself”

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LOVE stands for

Never Love Someone because LOVE stands for
L:Loss of Money
O:Out of Mind
V:Valley of Tensions
E: End of Life

So don't Love, just line maro

by Mazhar Khan (few years ago!)
Main Pilot banoga

Beta: Mama bara ho kar Pilot banoga.

Mom: Mjhy kese pata chalega k ye mere betay ka Jahaaz hai?

Beta: Main guzartay waqt apny ghar pe Gola phenk donga..

by (few years ago!)
wife is too good.

Man : my wife is too good.
She can talk on any subject for hours.

Friend : Ahh!!! my wife is better,
She does not even need a subject to talk about.

by (few years ago!)
Bachi ko jor-jor se roti dekhkar

Bachi ko jor-jor se roti dekhkar maa ne poocha- “kyo roti ho?”
Bachi- “Bhaiya ne meri gudiya tod di”

Maa- “Kaise? Kaise tod di?”
Bachi- “Maine gudiya uske sir par maari thi?”

by (few years ago!)

Why don't people clap in Afghanistan?
Because of 'Tali-ban'!

by Mazhar Khan (few years ago!)
simple Curiosity

My wife and I were watching some TV show the other nite where the wife hired a private detective to follow her husband and see if he were infact "cheating" on her. I asked my wife if she would ever do that. She said, "Well not so much to find out who the other woman was, but to see if I could find out what she saw in ya."

by (few years ago!)
Tera Bhai

Sardar Ko Har Bat Me “TERA BHAI” Kehne Ki Aadat Thi.

Wo Shadi K Bad
Apne Bedroom Me Gaya Or
Dulhan Ka Ghoonghat Utha K Bola:

“Kesa Lag Raha Hay

by (few years ago!)
Main Ne Jo Apni Girl Friend Ko Kaha

Main Ne Jo Apni Girl Friend Ko Kaha
Kay PARDAY Mein Raha Karo Jaan.
Us Ne Police Ko Keh Diya
My Boy Friend Iz Taalibaan.
//”/\ Oh Teri
_/”\_ Khair.

by Tanveer Hussain (few years ago!)

Pathan Ka Promotion Inspector
Se DSP Ho Gaya, Ghar A Kar Wife Ko Aise Andaz
Se Bataya, K Wife Behosh
Aaj Se Tu DSP K 7 Soegi.

by Tanveer Hussain (few years ago!)
Ek Pagal American Aur Ek Nepali

Ek Pagal ne Nepali Se pucha Kyu Bhai Tum American Ho kya?

Nepali ne kaha - Nahi Me Nepal Ka Hu

Pagal - Nahi Tum Amrican Ho

Nepali- Nahi Bhai Main Nepal Ka Hu

Pagal- Nahi Tum Amrican Ho

Nepali(Gusse Me)- Ha Me American hu

Pagal- Lekin Lagte To Nepali Ho

by (few years ago!)
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