Women play important role in sustainable development

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ISLAMABAD: Development of women plays huge role in sustainable and overall development since they are the one who make decisions for the family and how children are to be raised.

This was said by the climate change and sustainable development experts during a media discussion forum on the topic of “Inspiring leadership for Sustainable development” held at local hotel on Sunday, says a press statement.
The discussion was a part of three days Action Lab organised by LEAD Pakistan, started from July 23 to 25 July and was attended by national and international participants.
Talking to participants CEO LEAD Pakistan Ali Tauqeer Sheikh said that whether there is development or a disaster, women are central to this. Women are sidelined in both cases and marginalization of women cannot bring about development in a larger sense.
“Rampant corruption in a society makes it much harder for marginalized non-corrupt people to function ,merit is then also an active part of development,” he added.
Akmal Hussain said the way we use our current resources like land and water in terms of agriculture for instance, need to be treated better.
Qamar Zaman said climate change is also part of sustain development. We need to create such machines and infrastructure that take into account the dangers of climate change. Our infrastructure needs to be sustainable in this sense to protect environment as well.
“The interesting thing is that poor countries are more vulnerable to climate threats. They do not have the means to adapt to severe climate changes. On a national level, the poor are the ones who are most vulnerable to floods eg since they do not have access to means to protect themselves. And then within this, women are the most vulnerable” he said.
Adil Najam while talking to participants said that disaster is man made, hazard is natural. A disaster is a roof collapsing; because it is weak, not because of nature. Also it is not only that women are vulnerable in Pakistan, they are also closer to nature. In the sense that they have to manage the households so they need to be taught how to deal better with nature.
He said that the policies and the way we want to bring about sustainable development should be that which we can spread to future generations. Whoever has to live here in the future should live in a protected environment .
“We must start taking accountability from ourselves before we point fingers at others. We have to start from the grassroots in order to right this situation” he added.
The media discussion was moderated by senior anchor/News Analyst Dr. Moeed H. Pirzada, whereas among guests were Dr. Akmal Hussain, Professor of Economics, Beacon House National University, Ms. Khawar Mumtaz, CEO, Shirkat Gah, Lahore, Dr. Adil Najam, Member, Board of Governors, LEAD Pakistan, Vice Chancellor, LUMS, Pakistan and CEO LEAD Pakistan Ali Tauqeer Sheikh.
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