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Dill Mein Chupa Rakhi Hai Muhabbat

Dill me Chupa Rakhi Hai Mohabbat Black Money Ki Tarah, Declare Nahi Karta Hu K Kahin Breaking News Na Ban Jaye....!

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Kitnay masly hal ho jayen.. Wo or main agar "HUM" ho jayen..!!

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Ek Sawal

Boy : I Love you..
Pehli Nazar mein Hi
Tumhara Aashiq Ban Gaya Hu..
Do U Love me..?
Girl : Hmmmm Main Tumhe
Ek Sawal Puchti Hu Agar Tum Jeet Gaye To Mai
Tumhe Jawab De Dungi....?
Lakda "Muskurata Hai Aur
Chap Jaane Lagta Hai..
Girl : Kya Hua Jawab Nai Chahiye..
Ladka : (Palat Kar Kehta Hai)
Mujhe Tumhara Pyar Chahiye..
Jeet mein mila Hua Inaam

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Are you hungry? Never mind I have two bowls, 1 for wishes and 1 for luck. Wishes are mine and luck is yours. you can take it or leave it, choice is yours.

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Successful People Always
Have 2 Things In Their Lips,
Smile & Silence.!
Keep Always
All The Best

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poetry of a sarda

poetry of a sardar:

sajno arz kita aa

kutta mar gaya razai wich
ah ha kia baataan

kutta mar gaya razai wich
main mar gaya teri judai wich

kukri haraam ho gayi
tere ishq andar meri jind badnaam ho gayi

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When U Like Someone

When U Like Someone And When They R Not With U,

U Feel U Must Talk To Them,

Convey Them U Miss Them A Lot

But All These Feelings Are Expressed As Tears.

But When U Really See Them,

U Dont Talk,U Remain Silent.

Its The Place Where Silence Speaks

More Than Words.

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Each Day I am

Each Day I am Holding a Hope to
Welcome the Next Day.

You know Why?
Because I am Waiting for You.

Even though I''m Laughing
But you didn''t Try to See My Feelings.

My Pains And my Life Without You
Just See Once You will Realize Then,
How Much I do Love You?

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You can Have 10

You can Have 10 Brothers

You can Have 100 Friends

You can Have 1000 Lovers


You Have Only 1 Crazy Person Who is Ready to Die For You

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The Cutest

The Cutest
Proposal of d World from a cute Girl to a Boy.......

Girl- "Hey, I have lost my SurName....
Can I use Urs"....=)...

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When someone really

When someone really likes you,
They will never hurt you!!
n If they do!
you can see it in their eyes that it hurts them too

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A guy was tired of

A guy was tired of his girlfriends frequent msgs,
which always contained I love u I miss u

Have u taken ur meal? ETC
1 night while lying on the bed the guy recived a msg frm his gf
he didnt bother to read nd went to sleep
Next morning he received a call frm her fone that his girlfriend was killed last night..
He rushed nd read the text which said:
Honey plzz help, sum1 z following me

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L o v e Begins by

L o v e
Begins by taking care
Of the
Closest Ones !!!
The Ones At Home . . .

Love Your Family . . . =)

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Words To Remember

Words To Remember ....

N e v e r

Close Your

L i p s

To Those Whom You Have

Opened Your

H e a r t . . . :)

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Written by a true lOver

Written by a true lOver

"whenever i see her she hate me,

but whenever she see Othr cOuples,

She really miss me-"!

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