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jashan e zahoor e imam Ali a.s

sadieon ky intazar ka aesa sila dia. dono jahan ka sar meri janib jhuka dia. 13 rajab ko bola Ali a.s sy Khuda ka ghar. qibla mujhy to ap ny Kahba bana dia.. . . jashan e zahoor e imam Ali a.s ibn e abu talib a.s mubarak ho.

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Islam is Not About

Islam is not about, We are better than you Islam is about, let me show you something that is better for you

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Heart Broken Relationship

The only relationship where you will never have your heart broken is your relation with ALLAH

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ALLAH love you

Not matter where you have been, no matter what you have done, no matter how deep you have fallen; there is always forgiveness.

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Hazrat Muhammad (S.A.W.W.) Said

Hazrat Muhammad (S.A.W.W.) Said “Jo Shakhs Dastar Khawaan Say Khanay K Giray Huy Tukray Utha Kar Khaay Gah Woh Khabi Tanag Das Nahi Ho Gah Uss Ki Olad Or Olad Ki Olaad Kaam Aqqli Say Mehfooz Rehti Hai Referenxe Adab-E-Taam.

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Hussain (R.A) Teri Ataa Kaah Chashma Dilo’n K

Hussain (R.A) Teri Ataa Kaah Chashma Dilo’n K Daman Bigho’n Rahaa Hai Yeah Aasman Par Udaas Badal Teri Muhabbat Me Ro Raha Hai Sabaa Be Joh Guzre Karbalaa Say Toh Usay Kehta Hai Aarssh Wala Tu Aur Dheere Guzaar Yahan Mera Hussain Soo Raha Hai

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How Big Your House is

No matter how big your house is,
how flashy your car is,
how expensive your clothes are..
Our graves will all be the same

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Find Dust on Quran

If you find dust on your QURAN then cry for yourself and the condition that you are in.

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Purify Mind and Soul

Meditation Purifies Mind,
Prayer Purifies Soul,
Charity Purifies Wealth,
Fasting Purifies Health,
Forgiveness Purifies Relations

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Best for you

Allah knows what is the best for you
and when it is best for you to have it

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Connect to ALLAH

Connect to ALLAH
because this line is
- Never Busy
- Always Answered
- No Hang up
- No Heart Break

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And Remember With Gratitiude

And remember with gratitiude
Allahs favor on you;
for you were enemises and
He joined your hearts in love so
that by His grace you became
brethren and you were on the brink
of the
pit of fire and He saved you from it.

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Time of Difficulty

The prophet (Peace be upon him)
Remember ALLAH during times of
and HE will remember you during
times of difficulty.

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ALLAH Knows Best

ALLAH knows what is the best
for you and when
it is best for you to have it

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Hadis E Pak

Hadis e Pak
Kisi Musalman ko jaiz nai k wo kisi
Musalman ko khofzada kary
(ABU DAUD V4 P391 H5004)

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