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Keep away from

"Keep away from people who try to belittle your ambitions. Small people always do that, but the really great make you feel that you too can become great."

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Diamond cannot be

Diamond cannot be polished without friction ,
Gold cannot be purified without fire,
Good people go through trials but
That experience make their life Better not Bitter"

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Each of us has our

Each of us has our own unique flaws.
We''re all cracked pots.
Its the cracks and flaws that make our lives interesting and rewarding.
You''ve to accept people as they are and then look for the good in them......
Remeber It ....
Nobody is perfect!

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Challenges are like

Challenges are like trees seen through a running train. As U approach them they grow bigger, once U pass them they become smaller! So never be afraid of them.

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U live in ur dreams

U live in ur dreams but dreams may die, don''t get shattered never ever cry. D world is real big & has lots 2 giv, pick up a new dream, 4 dats d way 2 live.

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Excellence has always

"Excellence has always been achieved by those who dared believe that something inside them is superior to circumstances"

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Meaning of life

Meaning of life...

Happiness is not something you find, It''s something you create.

Nothing in this world is IMPOSSIBLE as the word is "I M POSSIBLE".

LIFE IS NO WHERE - can be read as - LIFE IS NOW HERE.

This is the reality of life. It depends how you treat it. Be Positive. Keep smiling, it improves your face value.../

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U R My
{ Q k dawlance reliable hai }

" PEL "
{ Aj B Kal B }

M Ur
" SUFI "
{ Jo Naam Hai Eitmaad Ka }

Our Relationship Like

{ Itnna Khalis jitna pyar }

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I Am Thankfu

I Am Thankful...
I can move about freely and express my beliefs.
There are those who live in constant fear.

I Am Thankful...
I have been loved.
There are those for whom no one has ever cared.

I Am Thankful...
I can work.
There are those who have to depend on others for even their most basic needs.

I Am Thankful...
For the opportunity to help others.
There are those who have not been so abundantly blessed as I.

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If there''s light in the soul

If there''s light in the soul
There''ll be beauty in the person.

If there''s beauty in the person
There''ll be harmony in the house.

If there''s harmony in the house
There will be order in the nation.

If there''s order in the nation
There''ll be peace in the world.

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I could fill a thousand

I could fill a thousand pages, telling you how i felt, and you still would not understand. So now I leave, without a sound, except that of my heart shattering as it hits the ground

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All persons have

All persons have several weaknesses, but each will have one particular strength, that''ll overwrite all weakneses. Concentrate on it to succeed.

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If I Could Reach Up

If I Could Reach Up And Hold A Star For EveryTime You Made Me Smile. . .
I Would Have The Whole Night Sky In The Palm Of My Hand. . .

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I am Thankful.

I am Thankful...
I can walk.
There are those who have never taken their first step.

I Am Thankful...
I can see the beauty all around me.
There are those whose world is always dark.

I Am Thankful ...
I can hear music playing.
There are those who entire life has been spent in silence.

I Am Thankful...
My heart can be broken.
There are those who are so hardened they cannot be touched.

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Whatever your cross

Whatever your cross, whatever your pain,
there will always be sunshine after the rain.

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