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8 Best Moments In Life

8 Best Moments In Life > Giving The 1st Salary To Ur Parents. > Thinking Your Love With Tears. > Looking Old Photos & Smiling. > A Sweet & Emotional Chat With Friends > Holding Hands With Your Loved Ones For A Walk. > Getting A Hug From One Who Cares You. > 1st Kiss To Your Child When He /She Is Born. > The Moments When Your Eyes Are Filled With Tears After A Big Laugh. " Hit Like If U Have Best Moments" ?

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Awesome Message Ever

? Awesome Msg Ever ''The 0nly Time A Girl Should Fall On Her Knees For A Guy, Is The Day She Tie Her Son's Shoe-Laces .." ?

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Waiting For The Ideal Path

We Spend Our Days W8ng For The Ideal Path To Appear In Front Of Us.. . But.. . We Forget That, Paths Are Made By Walking.. . Not.. . By Waiting...! <-;

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If Time

If Time doesn't Wait for You, Don't Worry... Just Remove the Battery from the Clock 'n' Enjoy Life "wadey log" "uchiyan sochan" "ty puthay kam"...:-)

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How Can You"SMI-LE" Without"I"..?

How Can You"SMI-LE" Without"I"..? . How Can You be "F-NE" without "I"..? . How can you "W-SH" without "I"..? . How can you be "FR-END" without "I"..? . "I" am very important..! . But "I" can never achieve S-CCESS without "U".. . and that makes "U" more important than "I"...

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If 1=6

If 1=6 2=26 3=326 4=4326 5=54326 then,,, 6=??? It's harvard University IQ test question.what ur answer is MR....!

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-D 1 Who HOLDS his hand in Difficult Time.

Man cn Nvr Forget 2 Face in his whole Life.... -D 1 Who HOLDS his hand in Difficult Time. -D other Who LEAVES Him Alone in Difficult Time

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-good looks

main raho ya na raho,ye dua rahe ge meri tum khush raho sada mere sath b mere bad b

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coffee never knew

Coffee Never Knew . . . How Good It Could Taste Before It Met Sugar, Water And Milk . . . We Friends Are Just The Same . . . We r Good But When We Meet We Become The Best . . .

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judai and milen

"Koi "DOOR" hai to koi "PAAS" hai" "Ye "WAQT" waqt ki "BAAT" hai" "Hum "DOOR" hain to "KIA" howa" "Hamari Dua Hr Waqt Hr Pal aap k Sath Hy

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JO tum ko dukh de ussy chhorr do 'SHAIKH SADI JO tum ko dukh de ussy chhorr do . magar jisey chor do usy dukh na do ... din ki roshni main rizk talash karo ! raat ko ussy talash karo jo tumhain rizq deta hai.....'

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golden words

koshesh kijiye k zndge me wo shaks ap ko hmesha muskurata hua mile.... jise ap roz aene me daikhte ho.....! so plz always keep smiling...!

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Kisi ko Uski " ZAAT " Aur Puranay Libas ki wajeh se " Haqeer " mt Samjhna, " Q K " " Tjhay Denay Wala " Aur " Ussay Denay Wala" " Aik he ha " .

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Dream as if you will live forever. Live as if you will die today.

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Hont jab Hont se milte hain to kya hota hai ? . . . Socho.... . . . . Socho . . Socho. . . . . . . Tauba Tauba kitna burra sochte ho..... . . . . Moo band hota hai aur kya ?

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