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Little efforts big difference

In Life, Don’t Settle For Someone Who Can Buy A Coffee For You , Go For Someone Who Can Actually Make It For You ! Sometimes Little Efforts Make A Big Difference :-)

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Be a diode/transistor/resistor & capacitor

Be ~A DIODE To Remove Negative Thinking ~A TRANSISTOR To Amplify The Character ~A RESISTOR To Drop Bad Habits ~A CAPACITOR To Store Good Thoughts:-)

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6 things which weaken/strengthen the relations

Six Things Which Weaken The Relations: 1) Misbehaving 2) Ignoring 3) Lying 4) Breaking Promises 5) Avoiding Contact 6) Doubting Six Things Which Strengthen The Relations: 1) Good Attitude 2) Helping 3) Trusting 4) Respecting 5) Entertaining 6) Forgiving Mistakes.

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Smile stays forever

Tree leaves do not look green forever, Roses do not look fresh forever, But I pray to ALLAH that Smile on your lips stay forever. Good Morning & Have A Nice Day

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Best in the world

BEST in the world: Leader: A L L A H Guide: Q U R A N LifeStyle: I S L A M Person: M O M I N Personality: M U H A M M A D Routine: S U N N A T Law: S H A R I A T Lyrics: A Z A A N Loyalty: E M A A N Request: D U A Protection: S A D Q A Oath: K A L M A Exercise: N A M A Z Control: R O Z A Charity: Z A K A T Tour: H A J J Decision: S A B A R Work: T A B L I G H Action: N E K I Hobby: D U R O O D Hope: We’ll try 2 be the best INSHAALLAH.

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Never expect anything in return

Never expect anything in return from any1 But the truth is when we really love someone, we naturally expect a little care 4rm them

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Let me ask u something different

It Is Very Ussual 2 Ask Whats Up? H R U? Had Ur Lunch? Hows Life etc etc, So Let Me Ask U Something Different Did U Smile 2day? If not Just do it now;-)

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Pakistan's Next Match

Pakistan's next match is on 14th march against Zimbabwe. Player Profile: ELTON CHIGUMBURA BORN 14 MARCH 1986 PLAYING ROLE: ALLROUNDER... . . . Lo match bhi gaya Qk usko bhi to Birthday Gift dena hai na?

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A Millionaire

A woman told her friend:"I've made my husband a millionaire." . . . Friend:Wow that's great, what was he before he married you ? . . Woman: . . . A Billionaire.

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LIFE is 3 "EEE"

Life is 3"EEE" Yesterday is a Experiance, Today is Experiment, & Tomorrow is Expectation. So use your Experiance in your Experiments to achieve your Expactations.

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A boy tried to lift a heavy stone but he couldn't move it, His friend asked him:Are you sure you are using all your strength ? Boy:Yes,i am. Friend:No you are not because you haven't asked me to help you. "I'm your Friend & I'm your Strength"

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Why we sometimes write "etc" in exams...? . . Because it means.... . . . . . . E-End of T-Thinking C-Capacity But our teachers don't understand.

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Mohabat Mohabat ki tarha kar k to dekho

Mohabat Mohabat ki tarha kar k to dekho, Chahat Chahat ki tarha kar k to dekho, KHUDA bhi mil jayega tumko ek din, Ibadat Ibadat ki tarha kar k to dekho.

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Dil to chahta hai

Dil to chahta hai k aapse milen magar Faaslon ki majboori hai, Hum to sada aapke sath hein sirf nazron ki doori hai.

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A Beautiful Future

A beautiful girl can't give you a beautiful future But A beautiful future can give you many beautiful girls.

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