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SORRY ... !!! Say

SORRY ... !!!


Onetime 2 any1



You ...

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don''t say anything

don''t say anything I am fed out. I don''t have now any more interest in teasing and insulting Sardars and Other animals, So I have decided to say sorry

wud try my best to carry on my previous task.

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I have commited

I have commited a sin to make you sad,
and am realising that am very bad,

so, plz forgive me to lessen the grief,
ur forgiveness will led to a relief,

So plz forgive me

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I Don''t Know Quite

I Don''t Know Quite

How To Make Things Better Between Us

I Can Start By Saying

I''m Sorry

I Really Am ...

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What I Did Was

What I Did Was Foolish & Impulsive

If I Cud Take It All Back I''d Do This So Instant

I Truly Didn''t Mean To Hurt You In Any Way

I''m Sorry For Hurting You

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I Know How Angry

I Know How Angry You Are ...


What You Must Be Going Through

So i Hope , You Know

How Sorry I Am For All

That Happens Between Us ...

Please Forgive Me

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If Tommorrow Neva

If Tommorrow Neva Comes,
I Am Sorry,
For All The Mean Things I Might Have Said..

I Am Sorry,
For All The Things I Did Or Didnt Do..

I Am Sorry,
If I Eva Ignored U..

I Am Sorry,
If I Eva Made U Feel Bad Or Put U Down..

I Am Sorry,
If I Eva Thought I Was Bigger Or Better Than U.

I Am Sorry,
For Everythin Wrong I''ve Eva Done
I Am Writing This Coz Wat If Tomorrow Neva Comes?
Wat If I Neva Get A Chance To Say Bye Or Wat If I Neva Get To Say Sorry. . . O_O

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is the



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Words will not be

Words will not be able to ever express
how sorry I am for this,
and I have profound regret and sorrow
for the multitude of
mistakes and harm
I have caused.

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I felt ashamed for

I felt ashamed for what I had done.
I don''t have any excuses.
I did what I did.
I take full responsibility for myself and my actions.
I wouldn''t pawn this off on anybody.
I''m sorry it happened.
And I hurt people.

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I feel sorry for the

I feel sorry for the man who marries you...

because everyone

thinks you''re

sweet and you''re not.

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The stupid neither

The stupid neither forgive nor forget;

the naïve forgive and forget;

the wise forgive but do not forget.

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I know i''m not

I know i''m not a perfect friend,
You''re broken heart, i''ve tried to mend.
Instead i made you hurt and cry,
Maybe i should say goodbye.
Would it be better for me to go?,
I asked you, and you said "No".
Why say no when i hurt you so bad,
But believe me,
you''re not the only one that''s sad.
I made my best friend hurt like mad,
If i left would you be glad?.
Deep in my heart,
I''ll always know,
I''ll love you always,
Even if i go!

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The Weak Can Never

The Weak Can Never Forgive.

F o r g i v e n e s s

Is The Attribute

Of The

S t r o n g.

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You said you never

You said you never

wanted to see

me hurt.

Did you close your

eyes then

when I cried?

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