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Words Cant Express

Words cant express, what I feel for you. I cant explain why the sky is blue. But I know my heart is true when I say: I am lucky to have a lover like you Love you my angel..!!

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On This Anniversary

On this anniversary, I take this opportunity to thank you from the bottom of my heart for being my partner, spouse, lover and friend! Happy Wedding Anniversary!

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tum nay kaha tha ab meri

Yar bohot afsos ha muje tum pe ma tu tum pa itna bharosa krta tha aur tum ne mery aitemaad ko tor dya ha tum ko pata ha k tum ny bohot bara jhout bola hy muj sy. Tum ny kaha tha k ab meri koi lover nai ha tu.. . . . . phr yay kon hai??? (\./) /.”.)”^——;”; \,,/”(gulabo)\ …….//\\ //\\

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Arranged marriage :-

Rs 600000 -shaadi
RS 400000 - jwellery
Rs 50000 - shaadi ki rasme
Total - 10,50,000 RS

Love marriage :-

RS 100 - stamp paper
RS 20 - Notery
RS 50 - varmaala
RS 10 - photo

Total 180 RS

Paisa aapka...Pasand aapki...Faisla aapka

Jaago grahak jaago. lover k saath bhaago!! :P

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din ek boy ko pata chala k may 3 mint me mar jawo ga..

din ek boy ko pata chala k may 3 mint me mar jawo ga.. us ny apni Lover and Friend ko message kiya meray pas awo awar may ja raha ho after 2 mint Lover ny reply kiya. where are you going Dear i am very busy i will not come plzzzzzzzzzzzzzz you go. usi waqt usky dost ka message aya kahan ja rahy ho Dear ruk ma aa raha ho sath chalty hai. Boy smile, His eyes closed His Heart stops And he died... Result:- Friend better then Lovers. Dedicated 2 all(Friend & Lover)

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Know about a true lover

Know about a true lover :

a true lover is* 1 who tels dat u r cute , instd of sexy,*

1 who cals u bck whn u cut d cl in angr.*

1 who stay awake jst 2 wtch u slep*

1 who kises ur eys first then ur lips *

1 who want 2 show 2 d wrld wt u mean 2 him*

1 who holds ur hnd not ur waist, in frnt of his frnd

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Give me death

Give me death! I pray every day
Leave me not, to sigh, in every way
Seen I have, those beautiful days
Those little red flowers in an awesome place.

Why these windows, in front of me?
And all the beauty outside, and free
Ran, I have upon the soft wet ground
I walk far no more, just safe and sound

My beloved ones, have all gone away
Laughter, I yearn to hear, to be merry and gay
Tears, I have in my heart and dreams too
Like my youth, won`t the pills vanish too?

Years and years, have I spent in glee?
To sit here and look at the old worn tree
Searched I have, for a leaf of hope,
A lover from the skies, with whom to elope

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What Is, Is In Love

One likes darkness, another is in the light.
Another drills to pile up worldly possessions.

What is, is in love, the rest is futile.
The world is nothing, its sultan and its shah all nothing.

Was there ever a sultan whose throne survived?
Is there a lover in this world whose name will fade?

May God bless my father who told my teacher:
"Teach my son love’s lesson, and nothing else."

Look at the soil and rock of the desert;
they’re mourning Majnun’s tears.

If Mazun dies as a pauper,
write on his tombstone: This is love’s abode. And nothing else

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I didn’t decide to

I didn’t decide to carry the load of sorrow,
sorrow existed, this house of sorrow also existed.

I didn’t lift the Jam-e Jam to drink wine,
wine existed, this house of wine also was there.

It is said: "He who created the house of love,
let the beloved burn and the lover burnt."

The cruelty of the red rose, and the cry of the nightingale—
the candle existed, and this moth also existed.

One’s pain is too much, another’s little,
one’s heart is afflicted, another’s smiles.

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How come I don''t

How come I don''t know my own pain?
I''m the doctor and the remedy myself.

I wandered around the universe.
For the friend''s sake I have broken my heart.

Oh poor me! I didn''t know
I ''m the beloved and the lover myself.

Mazun, I made myself degraded.
I chose to be in love.

I gave my sole to the beloved.
Soul myself, devotee myself.

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Because of you

Because of you I chose exile,
I’ve been estranged from my tribe for some time.

I watered my flower with my tears,
Injustice! Don’t take me away from my flower.

There’s nothing wrong if a king wants a pauper,
If a pauper desires a king, he can’t help it.

My desire is too high; my luck is too low,
There is no cure for this pain but death.

What’s with the melancholic ascetic?
He argues with me about faith and religion.

The religion of the lover is the beloved.
I’m taking no path but my own.

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Beloved''s Manifestation

One lover is roaring.
He is eager to see a shining face.

Another is distressed,
keen to see her lustrous hair.

Another desires his lover’s breasts.
Describes them as ripe pomegranates,
Hails them improperly,
Praises apples of Isfahan.

One lover says: "My beloved is going away.
My liver''s blood became my wine.
From my cry the world became deaf.
Is this friend in the grinding mill?"

Mine is above all others'' loves.
He is dear, a husband to widows.

He knows everything,
whether the meaning or the expression.

The light of his candle doesn''t vanish.
He is the beloved, I''m the lover.

He is the ocean, Mazun the fish,
How wonderful, what an endless sea he is.

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The Sweetest words

The Sweetest words ever said
by a lover to his love:
I am jealous of the people you ever hugged,
because for a moment they held my world!

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A Lover gives Love

A Lover gives Love...

A Father gives Protection.. .

A Mother gives Life...

but A Real Friend gives

'' nice girls Cell No.''

That is frndship...

Now its a gud chance 2

prove your frnship.. ;)

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A lover Says

A lover Says, i will be with in all your troubles...
a good friend says...u will have no trouble when i m wid u...

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