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"Life is very complicated. Don't try to find ANSWERS Because when you find answers LIFE changes the QUESTIONS."

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Job Question

Pathan Mobile Company Mein Job K Liye Interview Dene Geya Pehly hi Sawal Ka Jawab Dene Par Usy Maar Kar Bhaga diya Geya Sawal Tha . . . . . Sub se Mashoor Network Kon sa Ha? Pathan: Cartoon Network HAhahahaahahahahahaahahahaahahahahahaahahahahahaahahahahahahaha

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Jab Question Paper ho out of Control.

Jab Question Paper ho out of Control. Answer sheet ko kr k Fold.... Answer sheet ko kr k Fold. Aeroplane bana k bole! All will fail! Student kia jane Result kia hoga? Marks milegay ya Zero pe Tie ho ga. Toh Girl Friend ghuma... Paisa Ura. Paisa Ura k bole. Papa All is Well!!

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ek mard or ek orat bike pe ja rahey thay to policewaley ne rok kar poocha ye orat tumhari kia lagti hai ? mard ne jawab dia k, iss ka susar mere susar ka baap hai. batao orat or mard ka aapus mey kia rishta hai ?

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movies of collage life

class: bardasht. attendence: hera pheri class room: no entry teacher: jani dushman exam: evil dead examinor: Don friends during paper: ham ap ke hen kon??? marking: andha kanoon exam time: Qayamat cheating: lage raho munna bhai question paper: paheli answer paper: kora kaghaz result: sadma pass: chamatkar fail: Devdas future: na tum jano na ham...:) FULL TIME FILMY

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Exams are like girl friends - difficult 2 understand - too many questions - more explanations are needed And results are most of the time failure...

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If 1=6

If 1=6 2=26 3=326 4=4326 5=54326 then,,, 6=??? It's harvard University IQ test question.what ur answer is MR....!

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Best line written in front of Mosque in New York,,,,,, Always believe in GOD, because there are some questions in grave that cannot be answered by Google........

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Some common questions

1. rail gari ki lights din ko bhi q on ki jati hain?

2.lerkian hamesha lerko kay samnay aa ker q dupata seedha kerti hain?

3.Mobile ki sim change kernay kay baad time 9:00 ka q hota hay?

4.front seat per hamesha ladies ko q bithatay hain? per jab lerka lerki say baat kerta hay to urdu ku bolta hay?

answr zaroor dena intizar rahay ga chalnge ha
sab ko send karo but reply me first

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classic example for students of different age
groups :-

1st to 3 rd stndard- hey I studied everything
for exam...
4th to 6th std- Hey that Question was very
hard so I dint read that..

6th to 10th std- hey read only important

10 th to 11 th std- abe 4 chapters r enough....

12 th- saale whch exam is 2day...

Engineering/medical students - Oh ! exam aaj tha ....
Kamino bataya kyon nahi ..??

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Question Of The Year

Question Of The Year Students raat ko Q parhte hein? Q? Answar: Q k din me to dhoop parhti hai... ;-> (",) <))> _/?_ genius hun bhai genius... =P

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Jo ankhon se hamesha rahte hen Dor.. Wah Wah, Jo ankhon se hamesha rahte hen dor.. . . . . . Wo Question Exam me ate hen Zaror..:-D

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We Have No Right To

We Have No Right To Ask When A Sorrow Comes. . . ''Why Did This Happen To Me. . . ?'' Unless
We Ask The Same Question For Every Joy That Comes Our Way. . .

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How Much Space In

Question: How Much Space In ur Heart 4 Me ??

Choices :

100% ... Write a Song n Send Me

90% ... Send Me Lovely Sms

75% ... Send Fwd Sms

50% ... One Miss Call

25% ... No Answer :S

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In Life Future Is A Question

In Life

Future Is A Question Paper,

Past Is a News Paper


Present Is An Answer Paper !!!


Read , Learn & Write Carefully.

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