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Smiling every time

I am sorry to be smiling every time you are near. I am sorry my eyes twinkle whenever you are here. I am sorry that cupid has made his hit. I am sorry i love you, I can't help it.

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My best friend

You Are More Than My Sister, YouAre My Best Friend, I Know ThatI’ve Hurt You Deeply And I’mAshamed Of Myself Because No OneHurts Their Sister Or Best FriendThe Way I Hurt You. I’m Very Sorry.

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I am sorry

You Mean The World To Me, I Never WantTo Make Your Heart Hurt And I DidToday, I Am Sorry For The MistakeI Made, I Hope You Can Find A PlaceFor Forgiveness In Your Heart I WillDo Everything To Never Hurt You Again.

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Friendship Rules

Friendship Rules No Drama No Excuse No Sorry No Thanks Don't Say I am Busy Just Always Say . . . . Yar Hukam Kar Tery Liye Jan Bhi Hazir Ha . . . . . . . . Deni Nai Wo Alag Baat Ha…

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Sorry is a good weapon

Sorry is a gud weapons for some people.. Jaan bujh kar galtiaan karo, n after that just say sorry.. but actually people don’t know the deep meaning of sorry...!!

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Under the influence of our ego

Under the influence of our ego and make small things so difficult to solved out.. so if i (or u ) have such kind of experience with me plz ‘forgive me’…SORRY

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There is nothing wrong to say sorry

There is nothing wrong to say sorry! when we are wrong, One sorry can save many precious Relationships...

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Do you know What's wrong with SORRY

Do you know What’s wrong with ” S O R R Y ” ? It gives people the wrong idea That Any mistake can be solved by a SINGLE WORD

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Sardar to Son

Sardar to Son: Ja Puttar ek glass pani le ke aa Son: Sorry abba mai nahi ja sakda 2nd Son: Abba ae te hai e chawal, to aap le ke aa

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aik larkay nay aik aur larki ko call ki

1 Larkay Ne 1 Larki ko call ki Larka:Hello Jaan I Love U Larki: Sachi Larka: Muchi Larki: 100 Ka Load Kara Do Please Larka: Sorry Baji rong number!

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happy nice person day

Happy World's Nice Persons Day! . . Ye Msg Un logon ko Send Karo jo is buri Dunya Main Rehtay Huye Bhi Nice Hain. . Maine Aapko Kar Diya. . . . Ghalti Se. Sorry. :-P

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saaf saaf baat

Bas bohot hogaya.. . Ab Apko Bura lagay to Sorry Mene neeche Saaf Saaf likh dia hai.. . ! . ! . ! . ! . ! . ! . ! . "SAAF SAAF"

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kya peo gay

Kanjoos k ghar Mehmaan aaey huay thy: Kanjoos: Thanda peo ge ya Garam? Mehman: Thanda. Kanjoos: Rooh Afza ya Pepsi? Mehmaan: Pepsi Kanjoos: Bottle mein peo gay ya glass me? Mehmaan: Glass me. Kanjoos: Saada glass ma ya design wala? Mehmaan: Design wala. Kanjoos: Lines wala ya flowers wala. Mehman: Flowers wala. Kanjoos: Gulaab wala ya chambeli wala. Mehman: Chambeli wala. Kanjoos: Sorry Yaar! Hamaray ghar me aisa glass nahi hay.

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know I’ve hurt u… I didn’t mean to. I am soooooooooo sorry… Please forgive me!

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When a Guy does SomethingWrong...

When a Guy does Something
Girl : You broke my Favorite
Lamp !!!
Boy : It was an Accident... I didn't
mean to..!! Girl : I can't believe you did this.
Boy : I'm Sorry.. !! :/ :/ :/
When a Girl does Something
Boy : You Lost My Dog??!!!
Girl : It was an Accident... I didn't mean to..!!
Boy : I can't believe you did this.
Girl : I already feel bad about it..!!
Stop making me feel Worse..!!
Boy : I'm Sorry.. !! :/ :/ :/

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