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pathan ka shair

Pathan ka shair: Na Botal main,Na jaar main. Na hotel main na Bar main. Na bike peh, Na car main... Na Ishq mein, Na pyar mein. Jo maza hy "NISWAR" mein.

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ek mard or ek orat bike pe ja rahey thay to policewaley ne rok kar poocha ye orat tumhari kia lagti hai ? mard ne jawab dia k, iss ka susar mere susar ka baap hai. batao orat or mard ka aapus mey kia rishta hai ?

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life means

LIFE MEANS:- 6 frnds, 2 bikes but no petrol exam nite,6 duffers no notes. sitting on sea view , 6 smokers n only 1 cigrete! 1 girl,6 frnds n all saying “teri bhabhi hai

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BOYS Are the most busy generation in the world. On bike 1 hand on clutch 1 hand on accelerator. 1 leg on gear 1 leg on break. 1 ear on music 1 ear on mobile 1 eye on Road 1 eye on girl Nose on breath, Lips on cigrate All tensions 1 Time Phir b Log larko ko Farig kehte Hain… That’s Not fair…

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Sad And inspirational!!!

A boy & girl was on a bike at 80
km/hr speed.
girl said plzz slow down
he said hug me .girl huged
him & said now slow down
he said take off my
helmet & wear it on ur head.
she did so .
next day the boy died n the girl got minor damage
the boy knew that his bike brake failed so he wanted to save the girl
n wanted her to give him the last hug of his life. :(

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Zalim sms of 2011

1 larki bus stop pe naqaab men kharri huwi the Aadmi bike pe aaya or kaha lift chahiye kya? larki boli. abu main hun

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Celebration MEANZ

Celebration MEANZ
Four Frndz
ßahar ßarsat
4 Glases Of Pepsi

Çelebration Meanz
100 Bucks Of Petrol
A Rusty Old Bike N Open Road

Celebrtn Means
Maggi N0dles
A Hostel R0om
4:25 A.M

Celebrtn Meanz
3 Old Frnds
3 Separate Cities
3 Coffee Mugs
1 Internet Messenger

Celebratn Meanz
Rain On A Hot Tin Ro0f
Pakoras Deep Frying
Neighbourz Droping In A Party

Celebrtn Meanz
U N M0m
A Summer Nite
A Bottle Of Coconut Oil N A Head Massage

U Can Spend 100s On Brithdays
1000 On Festivals
Lacs On Weddings
But To Celebrte All U Hv 2 Do Iz Spend Ur Time Wd Ur Loved Ones

Keep In T0uch Wd Those Who Care 4 Y0u

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Life means

Life means:

A winter evening,

6 friends,

Mild Rain,

6 cups of tea.

Life means:

Hundred bucks of petrol,

2 rusty old bikes,

And an open road.

Life means:

Maggi nodles,

A hostel room,

3.25 a.m.

Life means:

1 Prep leave,

1 night,

1 book,

8 dufers.

Life means:

6 old friends,

6 separate cities,

6 cofe mugs,

n 1 internet mesenger.

Life means:

1 girl,

1 number,

4 friends,

n a fight.

Life means:


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Ye Kya Ho Raha Ha

Ye Kya Ho Raha Hai,
Kya Hum Ne Azadi Is Liay HasiL Ki Thi k Sab Boys Aj K Din Awara Gardi Krain.
Logon kO Hoot Krain,
GirLs kO Tang Krain,
Nahi Na..

To Chlo Shabash Saaray Ghar Betho,

Q K Aj Meri Bike kharab Hai Begairto.

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A guy and his girl friend where speeding
at 100 kmph.
GIRL:slow down its too scray...
BOY:no its fun.and asked her to hug him tight and tells
her that the helmet is heavy on my head take it and
were it on....
The next day its seen in the newspapers that a bike
crashed into the building and out of that only the girl
survived. the truth is that the guy realised that the
breaks failed but he dont want her 2 know.
he felt her love by getting her hug the last time........

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One Car Rs 4
One Bike 50 Paisa
One Cycle 25 Paisa

Purchase 20 Vehicals in 20rs,
It is necessary to purchase every thing at-least one.

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Aj kal Bikes ki Head

Aj kal Bikes ki Head light py ALLAH k name k stiker lagy hoey hoty hain.

jb light jalti hai to os ka aks zamin py parta hai jo k be''adbi hai...

Subha Bakhair

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Is Rah-e-MOHABBAT Ki Tum Baat Na Poocho

Kis Tarha Guzarte Hyn Din Raat Na Poocho

Anmol Jo Insan Hyn, Bemol Bikey Hyn

Dunia K Is BAZAR Ki Tum Auqaat Na Poocho

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anmol thay,yousuf ki tarah

anmol thay,yousuf ki tarah ghar say chaley thay

hum shehar k bazar mein bedaam bikey hein

jis daur ki taqdees ka purchar hai TABISH

us daur mein har gaam pe gulfam bikey hein

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Jab tak bikey na thay Hum

Jab tak bikey na thay Hum, koi poochta na tha

Toou ne Khareed ke Humein Anmol kar diya

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