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Water Love

If Love is Water I will give you rivers and oceans . If Love is Space I will give you the whole Universe . If heat is your Love I wish the Sun beside me

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Police and car driver

Police wale ne carwale ko roka- "yeh suraksha week hai. Aap belt pehn kar car chala rahe hain, isliye aapko Rs 5,000 ka inaam dia jata hai. aap is inaam ka kya karoge ?" car driver- "mein iss inaam se apna driving license banwaunga" pichli seat par baithi uski maa boli- "iski bat ka yakin mat karo. ye sharab pi kr kuch b bolta hai." uske papa bole- "muje pata tha ki chori ki car me hm zyada dur nhi ja payenge." Tabhi dikki se awaz ayi- "bhai hmne border par kar lia kya ?.............. "

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6 rupey lene they

Last night i had a dream of u. U were traveling in bus! Suddenly the bus lost control n fell in the river. Every1 swam 2 save their life, but u were still swiming n searching 4 som1. 1 person asked u whom u r searching 4? U said Arrey, conductor kidhar gaya, 20 rupaye dye they 6 rupey lene they.... ;-) <('.') /"/> tXt _/"\_K죣€r

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Young Man 2 Taxi Driver:
Bhai Speed Slow Kro
Mre 12 Chote Chote Bche Hain..

Taxi Driver:
Apni Speed Dekhi He.

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You are seeing my wife

Sardarji & his wife going to city in auto. Driver adjusted miror. Sardarji shouted you are seeing my wife. Go & sit back. I will drive auto…:D

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Time is lyk a river

"Time is lyk a river! U cann''t touch the same water twice bcoz the flow that hz passed vil nevr pass again. "njoy evry *Moment of life cuz it wil never cum back..,

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Rivers Ponds Lakes

Rivers, Ponds, Lakes
& Streams ...
They All Have
Different Names
They All Contain Water.
Just As Religions Do
They All Contain Truths...

~Mohammad Ali~

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Yaar yeh koan sa

Passenger: Yaar yeh koan sa stop hey, bus main jhatkay buhat lag rahay hain.

Driver: Salay, bus rukki hoi hay, tum PATHAN ki goad main baithay ho.

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some say love

some say love it is a river,
that drowns the tender reed.
some say love it is a razor,
that leaves ur soul to bleed.
some say love it is a hunger,
an endless aching need.
BUT !!
i say love it is a flower,
n u r its only seed.

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Where do you run

Where do you run in such a hurry?
To the embracing arms of god,
Or to relish a feast, spread by the lord
Is there someone there to ferry?
To another bank of this mad river.

"Going Home", you say, and I stare
"What is home?", I''ve never known
"What do you do there?", I seek by my own
"It`s night!, I am going to sleep"
I died in laughter that day and my life long.

Slept, I have all this life, right here
On this solid ground, slept in peace.
No lack of mirth, in my hungry soul
No lack of bruises, on my lonely body
And, Slept I have in peace, right here.

"Why on the streets?", you demand to know
"Help yourselves", you seem to say
"Why, Where and How?", my eyes plead
Do you have the time to show me the way?
Poor Helpless soul, you simply walk away.

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Whenever I day dream,
and day dream I do,
in my secret garden,
I day dream of you.

I day dream of you,
in a faraway land;
embracing me tight
and holding my hand.

Holding my hand,
and touching my face.
Just you and me,
in this peaceful place.

In this peaceful place
a pristine river flows.
Where the unicorns run,
a breeze always blows.

A breeze always blows
and sings of a song;
our love in a place
where you''re never gone.

Where you''re never gone
is as it would seem,
from dusk until dawn,
whenever I day dream.

And whenever I day dream,
and day dream I do,
in my secret garden,
I day dream of you.

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For you I would climb

For you I would climb
The highest mountain peak
Swim the deepest ocean
Your love I do seek.

For you I would cross
The rivers most wide
Walk the hottest desert sand
To have you by my side.

For you are the one
Who makes me whole
You''ve captured my heart
And touched my soul.

For you are the one
That stepped out of my dreams
Gave me new hope
Showed me what love means.

For you alone
Are my reason to live
For the compassion you show
And the care that you give.

You came into my life
And made me complete
Each time I see you
My heart skips a beat.

For you define beauty
In both body and mind
Your soft, gentle face
More beauty I''ll ne''er find.

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Musharaf Ki Car K

Musharaf Ki Car K Neechay Ek Puppy aa K Maar Gaya .

He Told Driver To Find The Woner Of This Little Puppy To Give Compensation..

Driver Went And When He Cam BAck , He Had Alot Of Roses Arround This Neck .

Musharaf Surprised to see & Asked Him ..

Driver Said : " Sir Mai Ne Un Logon Se Sirf Yeh Kaha Tha Ke Main President Musharaf Ka Driver Hun ,

Kuttay Ka BAcha Mar Gya Hai ..

Yeh Sun Kar Woh Nachnay Lage Aur

Mere Galay Mein Haar Daal Diya

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Nothing in nature

Nothing in nature is 4 itself

Rivers don''t drink their own water

Trees don''t eat their own fruit

Sun doesn''t give heat 4
Flower don''t spread fragrance 4 themselves

Living 4 others is the way of life...!

Have A Blessed Day (:

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