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School vs University

School vs University School=Pencil, Rubber, Sharpner, Scale, Uni=Ek balpen wo b frnds se cheena hua, School=Class me enter hony se phly May i come, Uni=Bina batae he mobile kan se lga k class se bhr, School=bag me hr sbjct ki book & copy, Uni=Yar aik paper to phar k de de, School=Class test me star, Uni=Full moon hi naseeb hota hy yar School=Dost mje wo wali class felow achi lagti hai, 2nd ok Uni=Jigr bachi chek kr, dusra oye shram kr bhabi hai teri Wondrful school days&LOVELY UNI LIFE.

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kg vs u uni

KG vs UNI*
*k.G=pencil,rubber, sharpener, scale.......
*UNI:Ek balpen wo b frnds se cheena hua:-)
*k.G: class me enter h0ny se phly Ma'am may i come....
*UNI:bina btae he mobile kan se lga k cls se bhr:-P
*k.g: bag me hr sbjct ki buk & copy.....
*UNI: yar aik paper to phar k dae :-D
*K.G: clas tst me star.....
*UNI:Full mOOn hi naseeb h0ta hy yar

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Line Maarne ka tareeka

Line maarne k boht saare tareekey hein jin meinse 3 mandarja zail hain. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 1)Pen se, 2)Pencil se, 3)Marker se. Think Positive Yaar

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If You Cannot Be A

If You Cannot Be A Pencil To Write Anyone''s Happiness


Try At least To be A Nice Eraser To Erase Everyone''s Sorrows . . .

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Yahoooooo... ....!
Exams ki $aari taiyaari ho gayi

sab taiyar hai

padhna baki hai

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Friends are like

Friends are like Colour Pencils..
They colour our lives,
I may not b your favourite colour,
But hope u''ll need me some where 2 complete your Picture....

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Sardar put his pencil

Sardar put his pencil in a

bottle of HORLICKS!


He wants 2 make it
Stronger &

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Buying a notebook

Buying a notebook




But d joy of

not finishing homework

n standin outside


There r sum things

money cant buy..

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I Am A Little Pencil

I Am A Little Pencil
In The Hand Of A Writing God
Who Is Sending A Love Letter
To The World.

~Mother Teresa.

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Line marne k bohat se tareqe hein, jin me se chand darj-zeel hein:

Line marne k bohat se tareqe hein, jin me se chand darj-zeel hein:

1: Pakki pencil se,
2: Kachi pencil se,
3: Marker se,
4: Pen se..! :-p

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Exams ki sari tayyari ho gayi


ID Card

Sub tayyar hay,

Ab bus….

Parhna baqi hay :p

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Lost my HB pencil with a

Lost my HB pencil with a rubber attached.

The pencil costs Rs.3/.

Warid has agreed to give me one paisa if you

forward this SMS(1 paisa per scrap).

If you have heart and want to help a poor child in

need, plz fwd it to atleast 10 friends.

Please don''t neglect.

Otherwise my dad will scold me. If you forward this

then your life will change for ever.

Your dream will come true tonight at 11.55.

If u dont forward, u''ll fail in ur exams

plz... hlp me

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Teacher: Bachon Batao Pakistan

Teacher: Bachon Batao Pakistan
ne Jo Atom Bomb India pe pheka tha
aur India ne use Pencil bana
diya uska naam kya hai?


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Teacher :

Teacher : How Do U Think Shakespare Wrote Such Master Peices ?

Student Slowly n Innocently Replies : Wid A Pencil Ma''am ;->

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Line Marne K Bht Se Trike Hai Jin Me Se 2 Mandarja Zel Hain.

Line Marne K Bht Se Trike Hai Jin Me Se 2 Mandarja Zel Hain.

1.Kachi Pencil Se.

2.Paki Pencil Se.

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