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Winter Magic

"Winter magic" 1 glass me thanda pani lain or Usy Apney Qareeb Baithe shakhs pe dal den wo thanda pani usay garam kar dega aur wo uth kar apko thanda karega....!!

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Happy winter season

/\ ” ,, ” ,, ” ,, ” ,, ” ( ‘ ; ‘ ) ,, ” ,, ” ,, ” ,, ” (,,)(,,) ,,” ,, ” ,, ” ,, OOooo….Sardi. “HAPPY WINTER SEASON” Enjoy the winter…!

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Summer Is Gone

Summer Is Gone
Winter Has Arrived
So Let Go Ur Worries
Put Them Aside ...
Laugh Out Loud
Smile Wide ...
Le Others
Listen Your Cackles...
Enjoy Life''s Ride
A New Season Begun
Let Happiness Guide ...
A Poem Just To
Wish My One''s

Very Happy New Season

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Taking Sips Of Coffee

Taking Sips Of Coffee

Lying In Cozy Bed With
Blanket Around

Reading Novel Or
Watching Movie

Long Gossips With
Friends !

Rain Wid Soft Muzik

Long Walk On
Sea Shore At Night
With A Cyp Of Tea
In Hand

All U Can Enjoy
It''s WINTER Again !!

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Evry1 Has His Hands

Evry1 Has His Hands
In Gloves & Tht Gloves
r In His Pockets


I Wid My Cold Hands
Trying 2 Compose A
Msg & Wana Tell U
Winter Can''t Stop Our

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Life means

Life means:

A winter evening,

6 friends,

Mild Rain,

6 cups of tea.

Life means:

Hundred bucks of petrol,

2 rusty old bikes,

And an open road.

Life means:

Maggi nodles,

A hostel room,

3.25 a.m.

Life means:

1 Prep leave,

1 night,

1 book,

8 dufers.

Life means:

6 old friends,

6 separate cities,

6 cofe mugs,

n 1 internet mesenger.

Life means:

1 girl,

1 number,

4 friends,

n a fight.

Life means:


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I told GOD let all my freinds be healthy & happy forever!
GOD said:But for 4 days only!

I said:Yes, let them be a Spring day,Autumn day,Summer day & Winter day!

GOD said:No. 3 days!

I said:Yes, Yesterday,Today&2mrw!

GOD said:No. 2 days!

I said:Yes,a Bright day (Day Time) and Dark day (Night Time)!

GOD said:No.Just 1 day!

I said:Yes!

GOD asked:Which day?

I said:Everyday!

GOD said:U realy know how to negotiate.but since u are praying & asking happiness for ur friends,I can''t refuse.

I love everyone who thinks of others 1st,so dont u worry.
All ur friends wil b happy everyday ;->

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The most romantic

The most romantic season is just around the corner.
So all winter lovers say tata to summers & hello to chilled winters.
Say Hi to your best coffee..
Bye to hot shot tea n cold cold juices.
Shake your hand to all those sweaters nd chao to sleeve less outfitz.
0nce more falling in love wid dry fruits n soups
So make full of it
Enjoy as much as you can
All those chilled datez
Textng in razai & Movies in blanket
Enjoy the love of winter... (-,=)

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EpPy WiNtEr SeAsOn

EpPy WiNtEr SeAsOn

Winter teachez us abt detachment, numbness, but its a way 2 get through
4m winter V learn silence & acceptance & d stillness thickens

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Another month

Another month ..
Another year ..
Another smile ..
Another tear ..
Another winter ..
Another summer too ..
But there will be never another YOU ..

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Rain is not only drops

Rain is not only drops of water.

It is the LOVE of sky 4 earth.

They never meet each other but send LOVE this way.

Enjoy the LOVE of naure.


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Load shading k liye, raho tayaar,

Load shading k liye, raho tayaar,.


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....Go To HELL....

....Go To HELL....

Gusa Mat karu yar winter a gaya hai aur suna hai waha kafi garmi hai .. Sardiyaan Achi Guzr jaye gi Ok??


...GO TO HELL....

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Winter is going 2 start...

Winter is going 2 start...
If u want to protect yourself from cold..

Go to hell..

Suna hy wahan garmi hoti hy
Sardiyan mast guzren gi..

Mamon... ;->

KArAchi RoCk3rS

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Mausam Ne Li Angrai

Mausam Ne Li Angrai

Aur Hum Ne Phad Li Razai

IceCreAm Se Hy Larai

MongphaLi Hi Sirf Ghr Main Aai

Cold Drink Se Muun Mor Lia

Chai Cofee Se Nata Jor Lia

HaPpY WiNtEr . . . :)

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