Santa: Why has the Govt

Santa: Why has the Govt. fixed voting age 18yrs & marriage age 21yrs?

Banta: Govt. ko pata hai ki desh sambhalna aasan hai, lekin biwi ko nahi.

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Aey Circuit, ladki ko

Munna- Aey Circuit, ladki ko patane ke liye kya karne ka?

Circuit- Simple bhai, "Minto Fress" khane ka.

by (few years ago!)
Doctor owr Allah ko khabi naraz mat karna

Doctor owr Allah ko khabi naraz mat karna Kionke jab Allah naraz hota hai, tu wo Doctor ke pas bhej daita hai Owr jab Doctor naraz hota hai, tu wo Allah ke pas bhej daita hai

by hearthackervsgirls (few years ago!)
New Girlfriend

New Girlfriend & Pappu In First Meeting

Girl: “What Are You Doing?”

Pappu: “I Was Doing A Job With Times Of India But Now I Left.”

Girl: “Oh My God, But Why?”

Pappu: “Koun Sala Subha-2 Uthe Or Paper Dalne Jaye.“

by (few years ago!)
Math Problems

Young Larry stopped by the corner grocery store and read the following list to the clerk:

10 pounds sugar at $1.25 a pound

4 pounds coffee at $1.50 a pound

2 pounds butter at $1.10 a pound
2 bars soap at $.83 each

"How much does that come to?" asked Larry.

"Twenty-two dollars and thirty-six cents."

"If I gave you three ten dollar bills, how much change would I get?" said the boy.

"Seven dollars and sixty-four cents," stated the clerk who appeared to be irritated by all the questions.

Larry said, as he disappeared through the door, "I don't want to buy the items...that's our arithmetic lesson for tomorrow, and I needed some help with it."

by (few years ago!)
1st friend to 2nd

1st frend: Meri begum ne Novel '2 DOST' parha
Aur hamare jurwa bache hue.

2nd frend: Meri begum ne Novel '3 jugnoo' parha
Aur ek waqt mai 3 bacho ko janam diya

Ye sab sun kar Pathan apne ghar bhaga
Dosto ne pocha kahan ja rahe ho wo bola:

Apni begum ko rokne wo 'Ali baba 40 chor' Parh rahi hai.

by Abdul Hannan (few years ago!)
Teacher told all students

Teacher told all students in a class to write an essay on a cricket match.

All were busy writing except Santa.
He wrote `Due to rain, No Match!`

by (few years ago!)
3 sardar after exam

3 sardar after exam
1st:Yaar mujhey kuch nahi ata tha
main paper khali chor aya hon.

2nd: Main bhi!

3rd:Shit yaar, teacher samjhe
gi hum ne cheating ki hay:p

by khalid hussain (few years ago!)
Andaaz Badal Jaate Hai

Injection room ke baahar notice board

Koi mar nahi jata injection

lagwane se Galib Bass

uthne baithne ke andaaz badal jaate hain… ;)

by Mazhar Khan (few years ago!)
Bakra ya bakri

Munna bhai:apun ko kaisy pata chalay ga k ye bakra hai ya bakri?"
circuit:"simple bhai ,pathar mar kar dekho,
ager bhaga to bakra
aur ager bhagi to bakri.

by Abdul Basit (few years ago!)
wife hits her husband with frying pan

wife hits her husband with frying pan
Husband: What was that for...?
Wife: I found a paper in your pocket
with the name Jenny on it.
Husband: I took part in a race last week
and Jenny was the name of my horse.
Wife: Sorry..!
Next day wife hit him with the frying pan again
Husband: What now..?
Wife: Your horse is on the Phone .

by hearthackervsgirls (few years ago!)
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