2 friends were attending a boring lecture..

2 friends were attending a boring lecture..
1st frd- Even my ass has fallen asleep..

2nd frd- I know! I heard ir snore 3 times..

by Pak101.com (few years ago!) / 460 views
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GOLU-Yaar,Meri Ghadi(Watch)

GOLU-Yaar,Meri Ghadi(Watch) Kho Gayi

MOLU-Chalti Thi Kya..?

GOLU-Ha..Yaar Chalti Thi

MOLU-Tab to jarur chalkar kahi Gayi Hogi

by Pak101.com (few years ago!)

Ayk Sardar Ny Aag Bujany
K Leay Phoonk Mari To Us
Ka Padd Nikal Gaya.
Dobara Phoonk Mari To Phir
Sy Padd Nikal Gaya.
Sardar Ny Hips Ko Aag Ki
Tarf Kia Or Gusy Sy Bola,
“Le Tu Bujha Le”
Vaddi Aai 1122

by tanveer hussain (few years ago!)
Baap ne poocha

Baap ne poocha : Beta Tumhe kaisi biwi chahiye? Beta : Chand Jaisi.

Baap : Itni Khubsurat? Beta : Nahi papa, aisi jo raat ko aaye aur subah hote hi chali jaye.

by Pak101.com (few years ago!)
Ladies Only

Munna and Circuit take a ride on the BEST bus. They sit down on a 'Ladies Only' bench. A few women come over:

Lady: Please!! Yahan se uthiye!
Circuit: kaiko?

Lady: Kyonki hum mahilayein hain!!

Circuit: To kya hua? Hum dahi layein hain!!

by Pak101.com (few years ago!)
Can you explain to me how

Wife: Can you explain to me how this lipstick got on your collar?

Husband: No, I really can't. I distinctly remembered having taken my shirt off.

by Pak101.com (few years ago!)
DUKANDAAR iss bori pay mat

DUKANDAAR: iss bori pay mat baithna, phat jaye gi!

Gahak: kyun, iss main Ghubaray hain?

Dukandaar: nahi… "KEEL" hain

by Pak101.com (few years ago!)
5 pathan aur 1 Behari

5 pathan aur 1 Behari Helicopter ki Rasi sy latky
Huy thy,
Pilot ny kaha Load ziyada hy 1 fard ko Koodna
Ye sun kar Behari ny kaha K Rasi ko Chorny ki
Qurbani me deta hun!
Ye sun kar saray PATHAN Taaliyan Bajane Lagy
Jo na kate aari se.
Wo kte behari se.

by Tanveer Hussain (few years ago!)

Maa: Kia kar rahy ho beta??
Beta: Maa parh raha hon
Maa: Very good beta, kia parh rahy ho??
Beta: Apni jaan ky msgs !!

by Haris abbas Qureshi (few years ago!)
Girl: Main Fail Hona Chahti Hon

Girl: Main Fail Hona Chahti Hon

Frnd: Kyun?

Girl: Ammi Ne Kaha Ha K 1st aayi To Science Dilwaengi
... 2nd aayi To Arts
Fail Hoi To Shadi Kara Dungi...

by Pak101.com (few years ago!)
Bullfight Buffet

A man goes to Spain and attends a bullfight. Afterwards he goes to a nearby restaurant and orders the specialty of the day. The waiter brings him two very big balls on a huge plate, which the tourist eats with relish. The next day he goes to the same restaurant again, once again orders the specialty of the day, and he is brought two very big balls on a huge plate. It tastes even more scrumptious.

The third day he does the same and the fourth, but on the fifth day he goes to the restaurant and orders the specialty of the day, and they bring him two very small balls on a big plate. The man asks, "What gives?"

And the waiter says, "Senor, the bullfighter doesn't always win!"

by khalid hussain (few years ago!)
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