Sharabi Road par pada tha

Sharabi Road par pada tha.

Policeman- itni Q pee rakhi hai?
Sharabi- mazburi thi

Policeman- kya mazburi thi?
Sharabi- botal ka dhakkan gum ho gaya tha.

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Ye FRIJ kitne ka hai ?

Pathan :

Ye FRIJ kitne ka hai ?

Dukandar :

Hm pathano ko koi cheez nhi bechte.

Pathan after 1 month clean shave or 3 piece suit pehn kr gya

by hearthackervsgirls (few years ago!)
han Hai Sala…

Pat1 Pathan Apne Kandhey Pe
Tota Bithaey Ja Raha Tha

1 Admi Ne Pucha:
Ye Konsa Janwar Hai?

Tota Bola: Pathan Hai Sala…

by Mohammad Ali (few years ago!)
Nurse to patient with bleeding

Nurse to patient with bleeding head: Your Name?
Patient: Snta

Nurse: Birthdate?
Patient: 01-Feb -85

Nurse: Married?

Patient: No, Car Accident..

by (few years ago!)

Teacher: Tel me 3 Tenses with Example

Boy: I Saw your Daughter Yesterday

We are in Love Now

We Will Run Away Tomorrow

by inayat khan (few years ago!)

Sardar orders pizza.
Waiter : Sir shd i cut it into 4 pieces or into 8 ?
Sardar: 4 hi karde 8 khaye nahin jayenge.

by Haris abbas Qureshi (few years ago!)
Kabhi kehte dost humare

Kabhi kehte the dost humare.
Jaan mangoge to jaan bhi hazir hai.
Aaj sale apni biwi ko jaan kehte hai. Aur mangte hai to inkar karte hai.

by (few years ago!)
Ye baat sun kar

Ye baat sun kar Mere haathon se Gol Gappa hi
gir gya
... .
jab gol gappe wala bola
"Please give your feedback on Our Facebook

by (few years ago!)
1 sardarni dusri sardarni se

1 sardarni dusri sardarni se: Meri 20 saal tak koi olaad nai hui

Dusri sardarni: Phir ?

1st sardarni: Phir kia, jab me 21 sal ki hui to abu ne meri shadi kar diaaj Mola k fazal se 3 kake hain.

by Tanveer Hussain (few years ago!)
The confused client

Lawyer: "Now that you have been acquitted, will you tell me truly? Did you steal the car?"

Client: "After hearing your amazing argument in court this morning, I’m beginning to think I didn’t."

by (few years ago!)

Kisi unknown number se Pathan ko sms mila:
"Agar tum zaheen ho to Rs.200 ka balance bhejo, aur agar hoshiyar ho to Rs.300 ka balance bhejo."
Pathan ne us number par Rs.500 ka balance bheja aur likha:
"Hum zaheen bhi hai aur hoshiyar bhi,ainda hum ko challenge na karna!"

by HAQ (few years ago!)
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